How color will make your custom T-shirts different

Smart use of color psychology is a microscopic, yet highly effective marketing technique that is used to influence emotions, which, in turn, is direct behavior. Why not put branded T-shirts and marketing strategies together with color strategic use.

Do you know that some colors on the spectrum have proved to affect our emotions? Clever markets can draw customers’ attention by using these colors.

Although it was agreed that our reactions to different colors are “colorful” to a large extent by personal experiences, a study conducted by the University of Winnipeg has pointed to the hard-to-ignore effect of color on the decision to purchase the product. A report titled ‘The Impact of Color in Marketing’ found that, on the basis of the type of product, the immediate decision of up to 90% of buyers of a product can be influenced by color alone.

How to use color to make your personal Custom T-shirt more attractive.

On one hand, individual responses are common emotional responses to specific colors that can affect the success of your design. For example, bright colors are usually associated with positive emotions like joy and happiness. Deeper colors can provoke feelings associated with mystery or sadness.


Yellow positivity shows the feelings of happiness and energy. Research has proven that yellow stimulates creativity and mental activity.


Lal is often associated with love and romance, but can also represent power and anger.


Colored black has many unions, including elegance, mystery, luxury and mourning. It is also a color that appeals very well for the young demographic, which makes it an excellent choice for designing a Custom T-shirts for a young customer base.


Develops a series of emotional reactions like black, blue. It can inspire feelings of calm and peace, as well as depending on how sadness and depression it uses.

In addition to color, quality printing is another important factor that can influence purchasing decisions. Print Locker is a quality-focused custom print and design company where every print job – big and small – gets total attention. Check out today to see how we can help you.

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