Try These Clever Custom T Shirt Promotion Ideas to this Year

Promotional giveaways are a shortcut to get your products in the hands of the consumer (and homes). 81 percent of the consumers hold promotional products for more than one year, and eight out of 10 people give freebies to anyone, even if they do not keep it for themselves.

If you want people to love your brand, then use creative promotional strategies to win new customers and motivate people to tell about your business. Check out our smart branded t shirts promotion ideas to grab attention and increase your business.

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Take shirt while pitching new customers

Do you sell expensive products or work with high-value customers? Bring a personal touch to potential customers to pitch meetings by giving a t-shirt. When buyers plan to start a long-term relationship with a company, meaningful publicity can affect their opinion.

Target Passive Clients

If you are not careful, you can permanently lose those customers who were going to spend regularly. Sometimes, inactive customers get better deals from your competitors. Other times, they are busy only in life and need less of your product.

Host a Social Media Contest

Social media provides the perfect position for a fast, effective cheap one. The public nature of social sites can spread awareness beyond your main audience. Use this benefit to host a successful competition and keep your community engaged with your business.

Distribute T-shirts in Sponsored Events

Do not waste your workplaces by sponsoring business programs or charity cook-offs. Being a sponsor, you are in an honorable position, and the people present are more likely to have positive feelings about your brand.

Get permission from event coordinator to print custom t shirts for events included in event branding. Most people like to keep souvenirs from those events that they participate

Caterers for niche viewers or activities

Functional price is the biggest selling point of the promotional T-shirt, so tailor your design to the main audience. Let us know that your client base includes a lot of dedicated golfers. Offering good polo shirts with your logo, customers can get encouragement for playing your branding.

Follow-up after issue of a customer service

A kind of gesture can tolerate bad experiences, so use unacceptable customers to say free to say sorry. When customers call with a serious customer service issue, they want proof that you care about fixing problems. You can offer a free T-shirt to thank the customer for being patient and bringing the problem to your attention.

Think outside the box, and find ways to incorporate T-shirt promotion ideas into your biggest campaigns. Just make sure you have a clear goal for your promotion before you go for printers.

Ready to boost your business? Order custom t-shirts today!

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